“Hug trap?”

My daughter is waiting for me on the couch. She has built a nest: blankets, old and worn. A squashed pillow. They are crumpled on our couch, and she is waiting there.

This is what she wants: to crash into me, to slap her hands against my body…

In the 1985 young adult novel “I’ll Take Manhattan,” 15-year-old Amanda gets burned when she shares an idea with a powerful person who profits off it without her permission. Amanda quickly learns that she was naive to share her ideas with someone in her industry.

But if you’re a freelancer…

Frederick Winslow Taylor, eat your heart out.

The pioneer of scientific management would no doubt give at least a nod of professional admiration to the patent filed by Tye Michael Brady of Seattle, Washington, for a “wrist band haptic feedback system.”

This fantastical (and as yet still imaginary) system would…

Emily Popek

Emily F. Popek, a school communications professional and freelance journalist, lives in upstate New York with her family.

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